Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Alright folks I'm getting real inspired by your comments and your blogs and how-to's and what-not's, so, since I've sewn absolutely nothing this week and I'm itching to post something, I'm going to inspire myself by posting a few shots of my workspace.

I'd like to say my fabric is beautifully organized and lives on its own shelf, but it isn't and it doesn't. It's loosely filed by size, age, maker, and color, and it lives on the edge of my cutting table. Since I'm new to sewing I've only built a small stash but I am addicted and intend to have WAY TOO MUCH fabric some day very soon. The table edge storage unit will not last.

And here's wonky work space. I show this only to say that I have a sewing machine and it lives on a wonky little table that wobbles when I sew. It must go. All of this is tucked into a small space of my kitchen, which, if I cooked, would be used for eating. I make it work with the space I have!

And here are some fat quarters and some scraps I bought recently displayed on my other work space also known as my bed. In the upper left corner are a few sock monsters I got obsessed with making a few months ago. Someday I'll make more.

And here's what looks like a pterodactyl egg I found behind my work.


  1. yes ... before you know it you'll be moving out all your possessions to make way for the bliss of surrounding yourself with little piles of folded colour :)

  2. The fabric does have a way of multiplying.....good way to inspire yourself, taking pictures of your work space!!!!

  3. I agree with Sarah - before you know it you willhave more fabric than you could ever use in your lifetime and you will love every piece and still continue to buy more! LOL! It's too much fun!

  4. Bed- who needs a bed? I'm sure a fabric stash would make a comfy alternative once you run out of room ;)


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