Friday, March 11, 2011

Be a Wonk Star

Last night I played around with some small scraps and came up with a wonky star. I based it on my wonky log cabin blocks from my other quilt project, and I used the same method as a starting point. I love all the star blocks I see out there and I've been itching to make some, but I also love the wonky stuff, so I focused here on playing and letting go of the results, just working in a general direction toward a star.

My first try actually began with a wonky log cabin but turned into a pentagon after I added a couple of logs and made a few snip snips. After I went around three times, I made the star points but couldn't really figure out how I'd attach them to this body, so I made some 4-sided wonk instead, which is what I used in the picture above. This is the original pentagon wonk still waiting for star points:
I love how this concept seems unlimited as far as the multi-sided wonk shapes. I mean, I could cut side after side into this that eventually it would look circular. I'll continue to play and still make a star out of it. I think a quilt with a mix of multi-sized random wonk stars and symmetrical stars would be awesome! I'm beginning to understand all of you who have multiple projects in the works. It just gets too tedious and slightly boring (did I say that?) working only one project at a time.

The star is just over 9" square...well, square-ish anyway (My aunt would tell me, "Square it up, Danny."). I'm guessing the pentagon star, when it's finished, will be around 12" square-ish.

I'll also start taking pictures of the process as I go along and post some of them.

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  1. delicious block! Love the wonky log cabin in the middle, again great colour values ... fabtastic!


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