Thursday, November 3, 2011

What happened to me?

Hey everybody! I haven't been posting these last months for several reasons, partly being really busy, but primarily because I've started gearing up to get back into school. Let me tell you something. I've been trying to get my BA degree for 20 years! I met with an advisor today who actually said, "Twenty years is a long time to work on a BA degree." I laughed. He took only 10 years to finish his. Anyway, it's been a busy summer and fall, taking classes to meet admissions requirements, and I'm thrilled to say I got admitted to San Francisco State University, I'll be starting in January full-time, quitting my job, to go study art with an emphasis on textiles. I'm SUPER excited! I wish you were looking at my face right now. If I could tell you all the serendipitous events that've allowed this to happen, I would actually write them out, but I can't because I can't think of them all right now, so I'll just say that the world is a beautiful place and the universe is full of infinite abundance. I've logged into blogger only a few times in the last months and the messages I've read inspired me to post some pictures and say hey wuz up.

I love these stars so much

I'm going to make twice as many

and alternate them with some solids

and who knows what else

I like not knowing what's coming

and figuring it out as I'm inspired

taking my time

and not rushing

I don't know when I'll post next but I do love this place and maybe next time I post it'll be some cool textile something I've made in school.

Take good care of yourselves and each other you people.