Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wonky Top On Point Pieced

Finally got the quilt pieced on point. I took my time cutting so's not to cut the triangles around the border too small. I took your advice and drew a line from point to point then stitched 1/4" on both sides of the line, then cut the along the line. It worked really well to keep the bias from distorting. I was surprised how well it went to together once I started sewing. ALL the seams lined up perfectly, first time EVER.

Here's how I pieced it:
I sewed together four quarters

Then made two halves

Then started from the center and sewed toward the outside corner

Then went back to the center and sewed to the opposite corner

I pieced it this way so that I wouldn't have to line up a lot of seams all in one go. Doing it this way minimized the chance of sewing wonky seams. 

Anyway, my friends, I'm now considering putting a border or two on this monster. We shall see. Toodle loo.


  1. love it! it's very striking, the on point setting really displays the blocks well.

  2. It really glows. Congratulations! Those diagrams in your post put me in awe. Better quilter than I am a techie.

  3. Wow!! I just love this quilt. Spectacular color and design.

  4. Very nice, setting the blocks on point was well worth it.

  5. Its not very often that I look at a blog and actually WOW!!! I love this, even if my housemates think I'm strange for Wowing at a blog

  6. Lookin' good ... and I love the way those points all meet so perfectly. I could never make a machine behave so well!

  7. It seems lit from within! Beautiful!

  8. I am lovin' this quilt. And the colors-WOW. I love the pinks and purples. Great job.

  9. Dan, we haven't heard from you for a while--I hope everything is OK.

  10. Hi Dan,

    You don't know me, but I see in your profile that you live in the East Bay. You should come to an East Bay Modern Quilt Guild meeting some time. The next meeting is on Tuesday, May 31, at New Pieces in Berkeley (4th and Gilman).

    Hope to see you there!


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