Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cross Blocks

Jenny over at Cut.Sew.Iron.Repeat is making a charity quilt to be raffled at an AIDS Walk fundraiser, and I think I caught the tail end of her request for block donations. She might need more, so you can find instructions for donating and details about the block if you follow the link. Here are my two crosses:

I just moved into a new house and I was determined to unpack my sewing gear despite being surrounded by boxes and bags of various other everythings. In my mind the room I would be sewing in had plenty of room to move and spread out, but in reality it's pretty tiny. But doing these blocks got me motivated to unpack my stash and sew. Once I got to piecing, I felt at ease and my confusing space didn't really matter. These crosses are simple and Jenny had a link for a tutorial. So the process was more about choosing the fabric. She said she wanted the background red and it needed to be at least 9.5" tall. So on the left I threw together a red batik with a blue paint splatter print for the cross, and on the right the red and yellow are a shadow leaf print which are better seen in a larger piece of fabric, but I love these fabrics so much that I didn't care if I lost some of the print. Anyway, this was a fun hour to get back into sewing after moving.


  1. They look great....have fun setting up the new space.

  2. Hi Dan. This is a nice blog. It's fun to see a guy who quilts.


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