Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tag > Paying It Forward

I was tagged! Marianne over at The Quilting Edge tagged me, and I'd like to say, if you haven't already seen her work, go there now. And if you have seen her work, go there now. She's a skilled and talented quilter and artist, and you'll be inspired. I'd tag her if she hadn't already been tagged.

Tag rules:
  • Tell your readers who tagged you
  • Link to their blog
  • Choose 3-5 bloggers to tag and link to their blog
  • Inform them and direct them to your blog post
  • Choose bloggers with under 300 followers

I feel inspired by something on every sewing blog I visit, so it was hard to pick only three. There is a whole lot of talent and skill out there, but these three inspire me every time:
  • Sarah at Pings and Needles. Sarah's witty writing style and posts about her process keep me coming back. She was one of the first people to greet me here in blogland. Being the newbie that I am I learned a few things about blogging etiquette too. 
  • And Nifty Quilts. Beautiful colors, hand quilted, appliquΓ©d awesomeness! I could feel the love radiating from Nifty's most recent post. Marvelous. 
One last thing. I decided I'd follow the tagging back as far as I could. I made it about 7 or 8 generations back before I couldn't find the "Tag" post, but I was struck by a couple of things. First, it felt sort of like doing family tree research. Even though I don't know you ladies well, I felt a connection to the Taggers from 3 or 4 or more tags back. I just can't get over what a cool thread the tagging created, and it seemed similar to a family tree in that, beyond grandparents or great grandparents, we don't really know our relatives before them, yet we're still connected to them. Aside from the obvious effect of gaining more exposure, tagging is a really neat concept from a relational point of view. Second, I only started this blog a few weeks ago and I must say I'm absolutely blown away by how amazing quilting bloggers are. I'm encouraged, inspired, complimented, and I learn so much about quilting by reading your blogs. I can't articulate my feelings fully here but it's changing my world view a bit by being here and contributing. It's making my world better because I'm feeling what a wonderful place it is here in the quilt blogosphere. Nuff said.


    1. I had never thought of tagging this way! How fun that you tacked down the generations! Yes, blogging and sharing has definitely made my creative journey more fun.
      Thanks for tagging me. You are so kind!

    2. Dan, Thank you! You fit right in to the very supportive community here in blogland. I found it's changed my life in many positive ways--new friends, new challenges, scrap exchanges, group quilts and loads of encouragement! Welcome!

    3. Wonderful post and thanks so much for your kind words. I'm also finding the whole quilting blogworld a very enjoyable place to be.

    4. You have just said it all so perfectly. I am so happy that you have joined this wonderful world. Y'all make me sing out loud.

    5. Thank you Dan! I was just thinking about writing a post about you for this weekend ... so I'll pass on the tag then !!

      I'm terribly behind in my reader - work is a pain sometimes!

      Glad you are so inspired - and happy life in the new house :)

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